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Avehre just released his single “Circles” and he is turning up the vocals as he lays down his signature cross genres mix of Gospel, Soul, Blues and R&B.

Circles is a soulful track with such an upbeat easy flow vibe that makes it comfortable for one trying to figure out love,  it makes you want to dance. It is far from the love-sick yearning that gets you emotionally down in your feelings.

Avehre says “’Circles’ is about a time when you’re in love and want to be closer with your partner, but are navigating the circles or ups and downs of Love.”

Born in Hahn, Germany raised in Chicago, this singer/songwriter and producer and is no stranger to the music industry.  Avehre has writing and producing credits for many artists such as musical icons Gladys Knight and Boyz II Men.

With a desire to step from behind-the-scenes, and move into the spotlight, believing that music “is a universal language” he greatly appreciates the emotional connection and the ability to make people feel through his gift of song. Avehre is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for.

“Circles” is set to appear on Avehre’s forthcoming EP “Greenlight.” He opened up about the album with this, “going full throttle into your dreams and what you love.  Being bold, confident and owning your spot.  The project is all about chasing your dreams, being confident and doing what you love.”  Fans can expect to hear the message of love inspiring and reminding them to trust themselves while finding their light and purpose.


It’s rare that you find an artist who excels at crafting compelling visuals that perfectly compliment and completely bring a song to life. We’re talking about how the Missy Elliot’s, Sia’s and Lady Gaga’s of the world do it.

That’s exactly what future Australian soul artist NGAIIRE, does with the official release of the visuals for her recent single, “Closer.”

The song explores the euphoric feeling of all things that come along with romance, genuine intimacy and warm embrace between two lovers. It puts you in a feel-good and relaxing vibe, as she provides the perfect blend of melodies with her voice over a chill beat with big pop sound.

Visually, NGAIIRE is dressed in futuristic/true star fashion, as she narrates the story of two lovers – set at a castle-like waterfront setting.

“The whole story concept revolves around two lovers who are a part of a cult who must abstain from any kind of affection, lust, love, sex to uphold age-old beliefs,” said the Australian native.

“Their cover is blown and they are punished. The cult represents uniformity, culture, religion, ideology with the angular choreography further meant to reflect the militant and sometimes absurd ways in which we choose to move as groups of people.”



Pharrell, T-Pain, Ryan Leslie and many more – are all a part of a decorated group of elite producers turned singers. Producer/singer/songwriter Don DiestrO, makes his case to be the next respected musical hybrid with the release of his new single, “Trust.”

Often times in relationships, baggage from the past can weigh down your current situation if you don’t let it go. DiestrO paints this picture vividly on “Trust,” as his smooth vocals explore the ups and downs of newfound love.

The LA native does an exceptional job of blending the right amount of synth, keys and funky bass that put you in the perfect feel-good mood, just in time for summer. The song captures both the pure bliss as well as the hardships that accompany emotional vulnerability.

“Trust” is the lead single from his second EP Wish You Well which will be released in June.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the official video for “Trust” below, that features social media influncer, Sydney Stanford. The song is available for download and streaming on all platforms 5/27.


 Pride of Reading Community Champion 2010. Founder of Jokes Down Town charity fundraiser 2010. Founder of Gospel Vibez 2015. Has Reading Got Talent Judge 2011,12, 13 and 14. Open act for Diversity Dance Group 2012. Over 1 thousand live performances including the UK and Abroad. Born with 3 fingers and a thumb on his left hand. 4Fingaz was a name he chose to encourage others that might appear different outwardly or internally that they are beautiful and perfectly made. God makes no mistakes!

Many years passed, He became a Christian that sat on the fence. Very early on in 2015 a friend from his church who was on FIRE for God passed on to Glory at just age 30.This had a big impact on 4Fingaz. He decided he would no longer want sit on the fence, when he goes to glory he wants Jesus to welcome him with open arms and say “this is my son in whom I am well pleased.

 Mustafa TJ Shiyanbola.

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