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Comfort Accommodations

offers a two fold service

Firstly we are a serviced accommodation provider,  operating a service accommodation company that offers  comfortable, stylish and unique accommodation for professionals and contractors alike.

The homes are created for professionals or contractors co- sharing, or if they prefer to go it alone that is ok too. 

As a addition the service also works with landlords, who want to be hands off from managing their property, but want the benefits and security of guaranteed monthly, without there being any void periods.

Comfort Accommodations will guarantee rent to the landlord over a contract agreed period of 1-5yrs.

Comfort accommodations will maintain the property to a high standard during the contract with the landlord.

Longer management terms will also be considered.

If you would like more information please call Landline

01582 459241

Mobile 0748041 86297 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 August Alsina just dropped the visual to his latest single “Pretty.” This song alone had such a beautiful message. The visual really solidified the true definition of beauty.

We really love that all of the featured models display what the world sometimes labels as imperfections. Alsina really hones in on the idea to not accept the ideology that society has placed upon us, and what is considered beautiful. We’re all unique, and at some point or another ponder the age old question, what is beauty? “Pretty” was an excellent reminder that we hold the power of our own allure. The confidence we possess will be a reflection to the world.

Black Girl and boy magic was on heavy display, and it’s a tribute to the culture. There’s so many incredible moments to focus on, but we must highlight the showing of the mother’s belly. So many mothers can relate to having that part of their vanity gone due to carrying a baby. The extra skin is praised and is deserving of love because you gave love.

Watch “Pretty” below and tell us your thoughts below.

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