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By December 01, 2022

is a Nigerian Canadian who now makes her home in Washington, D.C. Her song, “Throwback” is filled with eclectic R&B rhythms oozing “Suya Soul”, her unique take on the genre. Raised in Canada, but born in Lagos, Nigeria, her family moved to Canada, where she completed college at York University in Toronto, Canada. Her real first name is Tolulope and her last name is Olumide. She combines the two to make her stage name, TolumiDE.

“Throwback” is a celebratory song that remembers the good ole days for the glorious times they were for many. “I remember dancing in the sun”… Using both English and Yoruba, Tolumide introduces us to Yoruba, one of the three major Nigerian languages through song. Like all words learned while singing, you don’t even notice you’re being educated. Plus, the rhythm is so good, you’re not going to notice anything but how it makes you want to move your feet.

“Throwback” is a song you can dance to, sway to, and simply relax to if you’re so inclined. It’s got a nice tone and engaging intent. You get to select how you want to react to the subtle yet moving rhythm. Most will find themselves moving involuntarily, because they cannot resist and their bodies will betray you even if you’ve sworn never to dance, snap your fingers, sway, or tap your feet before you know it you neck will be giving you away.

Running” by Wade C. features a thumping beat with a Kraftwerk-influenced synth-wave and slow techno background. This Radio Edit is incredible, with deep vocals that echo into your mind and soul. A unique production with trendy lyrics and a captivating sound, this smooth yet vibrant track is a must for new R&B music listeners. The background beat is funky and reminds me of the disco and romantic classics courtesy of Yarbrough and Peoples.

There is something so different about this jam — the angelic, deep vocals and swaying sounds will dazzle your ears. The atmospheric sounds and steady beat enhances the track at every turn. Wade C. has a magnificent vocal presence with great versatility and reach. If you love old-school R&B with today’s electro-inspired accents, this is one number that cannot be missed. You will indeed play this track repeatedly as it touches the soul and melts the heart with every verse.

Wade is an accomplished vocalist and music producer at Sealong Entertainment. Based in Los Angeles, California, he is also a screenwriter specializing in audio, visual, and literary arts. Wade is truly a sought-after songwriter that is synonymous with beautiful lyrics and captivating music. He has also published several books and novels with original TV series and motion pictures in development.

The positive vibes and energy of this track are second to none. This unique composition is a melodious jam that eloquently combines several musical styles and genres. The track continues to attract listeners across all the social media and streaming platforms. Wade has created a bit of magic here that will keep ‘running’ on your media player, guaranteed!

Mubarak Leonardo Wadud also known professionally as Leonardo Stl (Leonardo Stainless) is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. This talented singer was brought up in Lagos state where he had most of his childhood experience. He grew up in a musical environment where he started his musical career back in 2017. He currently released a single titled Controller on the 23rd December of last year. The Nigerian born singer and songwriter is currently working on another single titled Shake. He was featured on a song titled "Call my phone" by Barry Brizzy, one of the most recognised spotify artists of last year. 

+234 70303 04229

 Bryson Tiller shares the deluxe version of his latest album, A N N I V E R S A R Y, with five new songs, including the release therapy bonus track, “Like Clockwork,” which he provides a new visual to promote the re-release. In the new video, a fearless Tiller strolls through his L.A. penthouse and faces his past with lyrics about no longer chasing Trap Soul’s success, carving out his own legacy and appreciating the fan’s loyalty but understanding if they can’t follow his next chapter.

On the deluxe, “Like Clockwork” is joined by new songs “Still Yours,” ”Timeless Interlude Pt.2,” “Losing Focus” and “7:00.” “The new video is a family affair Tiller describes in his new Instgram photo. Tiller is on set with the team with the caption, “Missing a few but that’s real FAM foreal no fakin. all the gears to my clock.”

Tiller’s 15-track deluxe adds to the Kehlani and Drake features with a new guest in Big Sean. Last week, Tiller shared the original project’s latest visual in the fan-favorite song,”Sorrows.”  To-date, the album has released three singles with “Inhale” and “Always Forever.

Tiller announced his fourth album is currently in the works and will be a three volume collection that showcases his range with sections of hip-hop, R&B and pop music. No official dates for the Kentucky native’s next release.

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