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By Published May 20, 2023


It’s rare that you find an artist who excels at crafting compelling visuals that perfectly compliment and completely bring a song to life. We’re talking about how the Missy Elliot’s, Sia’s and Lady Gaga’s of the world do it.

That’s exactly what future Australian soul artist NGAIIRE, does with the official release of the visuals for her recent single, “Closer.”

The song explores the euphoric feeling of all things that come along with romance, genuine intimacy and warm embrace between two lovers. It puts you in a feel-good and relaxing vibe, as she provides the perfect blend of melodies with her voice over a chill beat with big pop sound.

Visually, NGAIIRE is dressed in futuristic/true star fashion, as she narrates the story of two lovers – set at a castle-like waterfront setting.

“The whole story concept revolves around two lovers who are a part of a cult who must abstain from any kind of affection, lust, love, sex to uphold age-old beliefs,” said the Australian native.

“Their cover is blown and they are punished. The cult represents uniformity, culture, religion, ideology with the angular choreography further meant to reflect the militant and sometimes absurd ways in which we choose to move as groups of people.”

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